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This 9-year-old built a non profit, no-kill animal shelter to help stray animals.

Every day for two weeks last year, a perplexed father watched his son, Ken Amante strap on his backpack and venture beyond their neighbourhood in the Philippines. Finally, he decided to tag along…

His big-hearted son was feeding stray pups he encountered on walks with his own dog!



Meet “Brownie,” “The White Puppy,” and “Blackie”!


Ken slowly gained the pups’ trust. He could only come within 50 feet at first. But eventually, “The White Puppy” warmed up a bit, even giving highpaws to thank his new friend!


Ken’s father was moved to follow in his son’s footsteps and started providing dog food for the pups. He also treated their skin condition and worked hard to find them a forever home to which they could each be adopted.



He also said that Ken had been careful to disinfect himself after interacting with the strays and had dreams of opening his own animal shelter some day.

That dream unexpectedly came true!-


Thanks to the exposure he and Ken got after people around the world saw these moving photos, this giving duo were able to provide care for the puppies at their animal shelter called Happy Animals Club, which they were able to open with donations from generous people who loved the story of this 9-year- old boy with a passion for helping animals.


They became the first residents of a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. With the money he received through donations, Ken was able to lease 10,000 square feet of land and start the Happy Animals Club.


"My dad told me it would take a lot of money and 20 years for me to get an animal shelter. He said only grown ups can raise enough money to start an animal shelter," Ken says on his site. 


His goal? "I want to save as many [dogs] as I can from being killed for no reason."


These three pups regained their health and looked good as new in just two months at the Happy Animals Club.



Ken's dad tells us, "We still lack a mayor's permit, and the lot lacks water and power—that's basically more paperwork. There are some other issues that need to get resolved as well. And of course Ken needs to build some structures. He also said he wants to run an advert in the local newspaper to ask for volunteers." Which requires money. Plus, he'll need to buy more food as more and more dogs and cats arrive.


To see updates from the Happy Animals Club, check out their website! They also have a link you can use to donate to their cause and help animals in the Philippines who would otherwise be euthanised have a chance at happiness. They also facilitate adoption to anyone anywhere in the world who can provide a loving home for the dogs and cats at the shelter

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