Cat Scratcher NEO - Springy & Flexible

by Cat Room
CHF 39.90

Cats can scratch away at the Neo or rest on it in great comfort. The Neo has essential features of being both a cat bed & scratcher in one. It has a large resting and scratching surface but above all it has a unique patented feature called SCC (Springy Corrugated Cardboard) allows for movement with your cat and behaves like the cardboard was elastic. The Neo is not stiff like other cat scratchers, in contrast, it adjusts to the shape of the cat's body so that the weight of your cat is more evenly distributed over the larger surface. We are absolutely convinced that your pets will love it!




  • Simple shape that matches every interior.
  • Extremely robust and reliable.
  • Can be rolled up easily without any extra work.
  • When using NEO the cat bed surface becomes even more comfortable.
  • Made of the corrugated cardboard that cats love it.


 Dimensions: L 73cm x W 37cm


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