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IDC® Belt Dog Harness (Pink)

CHF 34.90

This adjustable dog belt harness has been developed to be easy fitting, secure and comfortable for your dog to wear over long periods.

Taking the most practical designs found in the successful IDC Dog Harness range, this slimline belt model is safe due to toughened fixing buckles, but remains lightweight and sporty, allowing your dog to move more freely.


  • Fully adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Toughened fixing buckle for safety and comfort
  • Safety tested straps
  • Sporty appearance
  • Changeable side labels (comes with brand logo)


Note: Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery of this item.

Size: X Small (Mini-Mini)
Dog chest size: 15.5-21 inches / 40-53 cm
Dog weight: 9-15.5 lbs / 4-7 kg
Label size: 1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

Size: Small (Mini)
Dog chest size: 20-26.5 inches / 51-67 cm
Dog weight: 15.5-33 lbs / 7-15 kg
Label size: 1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

Size: Medium (Size 0)
Dog chest size: 23-30 inches / 58-76 cm
Dog weight: 28.5-55 Ibs / 13-25 kg
Label size: 1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm 

Size: Large (Size 1)
Dog chest size: 26-33.5 inches / 66-85 cm
Dog weight: 51-66 Ibs / 23-30 kg
Label size: 2x6.2 inches / 50x160 mm

Size: X Large (Size 2)
Dog chest size: 28-38 inches / 71-96 cm
Dog weight: 62-88 lbs / 28-40 kg
Label size: 1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

Size: XX Large (Size 3)
Dog chest size: 32-45 inches / 82-115 cm
Dog weight: 88-176.5 Ibs / 40-80 kg
Label size: 2x6.2 inches / 50x160 mm


Taking accurate measurements of your dog is essential for choosing the right harness size. About 2-3 inches (4 fingers) behind the front legs where the chest is the widest, measure the girth (chest circumference) for the harness. Compare the measurement on our size guide under the product description of your chosen harness.