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Beco Cat Litter Tray (Natural)

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CHF 34.90

This attractive Beco cat litter tray has a high back and push fit lid for extra kick back protection. Its heavyweight and sturdy design means that it won’t flip over and spill all over the floor!

Amazingly, BecoTrays are made from 100% natural materials! Because of this, when a BecoTray is thrown away (and only once it is thrown away) it will begin to breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over 3-5 years leaving no trace of synthetic waste or landfill footprint.

A BecoTray is made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibres. Both materials are ethically sourced as bi-products from other agricultural processes native to China. By manufacturing locally to their material source they significantly reduce their shipping volumes. The remaining 20% is a mixture of natural enzymes to bind the tray together. This mixture of materials is called a Bio-Composite.

The Biocomposite requires no synthetic varnishing or lacquering to maintain its smooth and easily cleaned surface and gives the BecoTrays their durability and distinctive pastille finish.


  • Made with rice husks, bamboo and natural dyes
  • Non toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Heavyweight and sturdy design
  • Designed in Great Britain



Available in Beco Things signature colours: Blue, Brown, Green, Pink and Natural.

Complete the set with Cat litter scoop in Beco Things signature colours: Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, and Natural.