Beco Mattress Dog Bed (Paddington Brown)

by Beco Things
CHF 59.00

The Beco Mattress Dog Beds are ideal for all those dogs who like to stretch out when they relax, and they’ll never be more relaxed than with 15cm of deep filled luxury! These mattress beds are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles and the covers are made from hemp and cotton making them hypoallergenic and antibacterial. What’s more they’ve thought about the owner too so the mattress cover is fully removable to make washing it much easier.

    • Deep filled for extra comfort
    • Removable cover for machine washing
    • Cover made from cotton and hemp making it hypoallergenic
    • Wicks moisture
    • 3 distinctive colours available
    • 3 different sizes
    • Stuffed with recycled plastic bottles
    • Designed for dogs who like to stretch out
    • Designed in the United Kingdom




                  Because their covers are made from natural fibres the Beco Mattress Bed is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odour resistant! The stuffing wicks moisture, and insulates whilst the fully removable covers are extremely durable and hardwearing. Beco Things also uses fabrics in a practical but distinctive colour range so it’s even easier to maintain appearances.


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