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Bench Seat Cover

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CHF 39.90
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Suspended securely between the front and back seats, the Freezack Bench Seat Cover is a durable, waterproof barrier between your dog and any hope of automotive resale value. Adequate  attachment points, for a secure fit, and a center separator allows you to fold down half, for those times you have a human passenger back there. Openings allow for both seat belts and carseats. Meanwhile, it blocks your dog’s access to the front seat, keeping everyone safer.

The Freezack beige bench cover is made of sturdy, waterproof nylon and is easy to clean.

  • Made of sturdy, waterproof nylon
  • It is ideal for the rear seats
  • It protects the seats of your car from hair and dirt from the dog
  • Impermeable to water
  • Easy to clean
  • For hanging on the headrest


Dimensions: 141 x 137 cm