Biospotix 100% Natural Flea Indoor Spray (500ml)

by Biospotix
CHF 29.50

Biospotix 100% natural and insecticide free Indoor Spray is for the treatment of carpets, sofas, bedding, pet beds, mats, car interior etc. By spraying it directly to the appropriate areas, it provides a completely natural way to protect your home from fleas, ticks and mosquitos. It contains the natural ingredient geraniol, which is the primary part of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil.


  • Insecticide-free flea and tick treatment and repellent for your home
  • An effective and preventative solution to avoid new infestation in your home
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Immediate action
  • Made in France



Why treat your environment?

Contrary to what is often believed, the flea does not live permanently on the animal. It is most often on the floor, in carpets, carpets, floors, cushions, etc. The flea only jumps on the animal when feeding. Only 5% of fleas are on your pet. 95% are found in the environment in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae.

It is therefore essential to pre-treat the environment of your dog or your cat  so that your treatment is effective as a whole. The Biospotix Indoor Spray helps eliminate insect pests and their larvae from the environment of your dog or cat safely.

Helpful Tip:

Regularly vacuum the fleas and larvae on the floor. Avoid the mop because water and moisture provides an environment conducive to larval development.

How it works:

On contrary to chemical products with neurotoxic effects on insects, Biospotix is a mechanical approach and acts on contact with fleas and ticks. Based on Geraniol essential oils, Biospotix active ingredients dehydrate the Chitin* and block the insect’s respiratory system. Parasites are then repelled by smothering and dehydration. The gaseous phase of Geraniol does also help to dehydrate eggs and larvae giving Biospotix excellent ovicidal and larvicidal properties. *The chitin is the main component of the cell walls, the exoskeletons of insects and arthropods. 

Usage Guidelines:

Shake before use, spray from 30 cm distance directly on infested areas. Do not use the IntIndoor Spray on pets or plants. Keep out of reach of children. Reapply when necessary.

Natural Pyrethre, Geraniol Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil and Natural Bitter.

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