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Canosept Eye Care for Dogs (120ml)

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The eye area of dogs is exposed to all environmental influences every day: dust, wind and cold, as well as strong sunlight can lead to irritation, increased tear formation and even painful inflammations that disturb and limit the dog. With Canosept Eye Care, you clean and care for the eye environment simply, gently and thoroughly. The pH-neutral, fragrance-free care formula made from hazelnut and aloe vera cares for and cleans the sensitive area around the eye at the same time.

Used regularly, Canosept Eye Care also prevents tear stains and unsightly blemishes. The gentle cleansing around the eye not only provides a clean, well-groomed feeling for your dog, dark discolourations also gradually lighten thanks to the contained cornflower extract.
  • Eye care and tear remover
  • Gentle care and cleaning for the eye environment


To open, turn the dispensing tip a quarter turn. Apply Canosept Eye Care up to twice a week to cotton wool and gently dab and clean the eye area and the area around the eyes, including the corners of the eyes.

Afterwards, softened encrustations and tear stone residues can be easily wiped off. For cleaning the second eye, it is recommended to use a new cotton ball.