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Cat Playhouse - Fire Engine

by Suck UK
Original price CHF 34.90
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There is something very odd about cats. You can buy them all the toys in the world, but few things quite compare to a nice cardboard box through the eyes of a feline. You can dangle a toy mouse on a string; you can buy an expensive scratching pole; you can tempt them with treats. But it’s far more likely that when you turn your back, your cat will have hopped into the box of that expensive gift and stay there.

There is no point in fighting this bizarre obsession – give in to it with Suck UK’s crazy cat playhouses! Your cat can be its adventurous self with his or her very own Fire Engine. Made from cardboard, it is easy to assemble and includes a moving ladder and hatch! A novelty this may seem to us humans, but to a cat, this is serious work. There are lives to save. People think dogs are brave but cats are far more clever - a Labrador couldn't possibly drive such a technical machine now, could it?

Suck UK’s cat playhouses are a perfect way to keep your feline pal both entertained and comfortable. Please note that your feline companion may need assistance when it comes to building its new fort.

Fire Engine Cat Playhouse features:

  • Made from 100% cardboard
  • A ready to assemble, flat-packed playhouse for your cat, small dog or other small animal.
  • No glue required to assemble.
  • Includes moving ladder and hatch.
  • A cute and interesting way to keep your cat entertained!


Dimensions: 59 x 44 x 23cm

Item dimensions
Width 590 mm
Height 440 mm
Depth 231 mm
Weight 0.745 Kg

Dimensions of item in packaging
Width 430 mm
Height 620 mm
Depth 13 mm
Weight 0.864 Kg