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Charlie's Field Dog Leash (1m - 1.8m)

Original price CHF 32.90 - Original price CHF 38.90
Original price
CHF 32.90
CHF 32.90 - CHF 38.90
Current price CHF 32.90
Color: Red
Size: S (width 2cm)

Field Leash Dog Leash - Simple leash with adjustable length.

The simple, beautiful and comfortable dog leash.

The Charlie's Backyard Field Leash dog leash is a new leash that can be adapted to the respective situation. With a simple buckle, you can easily leash your dog to your body or a bench, making outdoor activities or relaxing coffee breaks with your dog safer and more comfortable.

Neon Green and Neon Orange * Colours: It is made of acrylic yarn to have stronger and excellent fluorescent colour. However, the places where the field collar and field leash touch the dog's skin are specially processed so that it feels like cotton instead of acrylic. This makes it feel very soft for the dog and the easily visible fluorescent colour also contributes to the dog's safety.

* The neon colour (fluorescent colour) may be slightly different from the colour shown on the monitor.


Using the Field Leash Dog Leash:

1. When you need a long leash.

If you need a long leash, you can stretch the Field Leash dog leash to 180 cm.
Leash 180cm

2. When you need a short leash.

If you need a short leash, you can reduce the field leash to 100 cm.
Leash 100cm

3. When you need both hands.

You can keep your dog leashed for a while if you sit on a bench or have a drink at a coffee shop during a walk.
Mount the leash on the object

4. When you are jogging with your dog.

If you don't just walk your dog, but run or jog together, you can easily attach the leash to your waist.
Mount the leash while jogging

Size chart of the Field Leash dog leash


  • If your dog moves suddenly when buckling up on pillars and benches, please note that there is a risk of damaging the buckle.
  • After use, keep the product out of the reach of pets.
  • Use a neutral detergent when washing, e.g. hand soap, or place them individually in the laundry net to wash it gently.
  • Before use, push the buckle all the way through to tighten.
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