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Plaque Dental Control for Dogs and Cats (160g)

CHF 29.95

PLAQUE CONTROL is a new type of supplementary feed for dogs and cats. A special mix of algae, supplemented with chlorophyll, vitamin C, cranberry and green tea forms the basis of the innovative recipe. It inhibits the build-up of plaque bacteria on the teeth, prevents the build-up of tartar and strengthens the tooth-holding apparatus in the long term.


  • does not contain chemical additives or parabens
  • preserving oral hygiene
  • removes and protects against tooth stones and caries
  • prevents the formation of dental plaque and breathing
  • easy to use


Application: Dogs: give 1 measuring spoon per 5kg body weight once a day over the wet or dampened dry food, cats: 1 measuring spoon 1x daily. Note: 1 measuring spoon contains max. 0.02mg natural iodine. 

Composition: algae, yeast, alfalfa, cranberry, green tea. 

Additives: Vitamins: Vitamin C 11g / kg.

Ingredients Crude
protein: 17.2%
Crude fiber: 12.9 % Crude
ash: 6.0%
Crude fat: 0.9%