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Biogance Dentiplaque Oral Hygiene for Dogs and Cats (100g)

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Denti Plaque additive with bicarbonate and sea algae is a natural and effective solution for preserving oral hygiene, removing dental plaque and a better breath in dogs and cats ;with a formula that does not contain parabens and other chemical additives.

Denti Plaque is an effective blend of natural ingredients and is suitable for dogs and cats where the cleaning of teeth with toothpaste is difficult or even impossible.

Tooth care in dogs and cats is very important, and with the regular enjoyment of the Dente Plaque supplement, we can take care of the removal and suppression of dental plaques and tooth decay. Sea algae successfully prevents the formation of tooth stones, caries and periodontitis, while simultaneously cleans teeth and gums and keeping them healthy.

  • bicarbonate and seaweed
  • does not contain chemical additives or parabens
  • preserving oral hygiene
  • removes and protects against tooth stones and caries
  • prevents the formation of dental plaque and breathing
  • easy to use


Instructions for use: Daily dosing daily for 20 consecutive days, then continue with 7 days of the month.

The supplement is not suitable for dogs with thyroid problems.

Daily quantities: 10kg: 1/2 small spoon; 10-25kg: 1 small teaspoon; 25kg: 1 large teaspoon.