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Canosept Ear Cleaner for Dogs (125ml)

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Proper and regular care is essential, especially for the particularly sensitive dog ears. Dirt and earwax should be removed effectively to prevent painful inflammation and damage to the ear canal. Canosept Ear Cleaner has an antiseptic effect, is lipid-replenishing and reliably binds unpleasant odours. Canosept Ear Cleaner works completely on its own and without annoying, unpleasant aids such as tweezers or cotton buds.

  • Dissolves dirt and natural residues (earwax) in the dog's ear
  • Cleansing, antiseptic, deodorizing, moisturizing
  • Prevention of inflammation of the auditory canal of the dog
  • Contributes to the care and hygiene of the dog



Pour the hand-warm solution into the pinna and massage gently. By shaking naturally, the dog brings out excess liquid, as well as dirt and earwax itself.

We recommend using the ear cleaner once a week.