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Ergolance Massage Brush for Dogs & Cats

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Ergolance is the new Biogance range of premium and environmentally friendly brushes combining design and efficiency and made from natural nut wood. With their unique shape and ergonomic design, brushing becomes more comfortable for right hand users as well as left hand users.

This massage brush offers a triple massing, cleaning and detangling action. The rounded plastic comfort tips help to gently remove loose hair, dirt and knots while stimulating the skin for a better blood circulation and pulling natural oils throughout the coat. It's ergonomic shape and non-slip wood handle provides a comfortable, secure grip.

Directions for use: Brush regularly in the direction of the hair growth, from shoulders to tail, down to the belly and then down the legs.

Tips: To make it easier to untangle the knots you can always use a detangle spray. 

Suitable for mid-long and long coats on dogs and cats.