Good Dog Training Clicker & Whistle

CHF 14.90

Train any dog into being a good dog with the new DOOG training clickers with a built in whistle and clicker function.



How do I use this clicker and whistle combination?

First you need to teach your dog that the 'click' means a reward will follow. Start in a quiet area with no distractions with a good supply of treats in your DOOG walkie belt. Press the Clicker once and immediately give your dog a treat. Repeat this sequence until he gets the idea that a treat will always follow the click.

You can see if he understand this by waiting for him to look away and once he does, click! He should immediately look back at you in anticipation of the reward. If he doesn't, then a few more repetitions are required.

The next stage is to condition your dog to the whistle. The primary use of the whistle is to communicate the command when your dog is at a distance from you. The most important thing is consistency so decide your signals and stick to them.


The two main whistle commands you need are:

1. Sit at a distance - Suggested signal is one long whistle blast with a raised open hand.

2. Calling your dog to come to you - Suggested signal is multiple pips with open arms.

Repeat each one at least 20 times. Always reward with a treat.

Now your dog is conditioned to respond to both the clicker and the whistle!





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