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Home Comfort Calming Collar for Cats

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Cats feel stress just like humans do. Stress is a normal body reaction, but - if the triggering situations persist for too long or are too intense, it can lead to discomfort and complaints up to behavioral disorders, neuroses and depression. Stress triggers in cats are often social and territorial. The stress in cats in households often results from territorial conflicts or from living together with other residents of the household. For example, the classic territorial conflict in the household arises when another animal (cat, dog, etc.) moves in or another person moves in. Another stress factor for the cat arises from changes in the familiar environment, for example when changing the furnishings, when moving or when getting used to a new home.

The Felisept calming collar for cats is an easy-to-use and comfortable solution to calm your cat. When placed around the cat's neck, the collar continuously releases an extract of the fragrance Nepeta Cataria. This natural extract is embedded in a polymer matrix using a patented production process and is dispensed as soon as the packaging bag is opened. Once opened, the collar works for up to 30 days. 


  • Content: 1 x Collar
  • Easy to use and comfortable solution to calm cats
  • The calming effect of fragrance Nepeta Cataria on the cat increases the longer the product is used
  • The collar has a safety mechanism that releases the clasp in the event of greater resistance

The Felisept Home Comfort Diffuser also supports your cat's well-being. You should also try the Felisept calming spray, it calms the cats on the go and at home.



Remove the Canosept Home Comfort collar from its packaging and put it directly on your cat like a conventional collar. The effect starts immediately after opening the pouch and lasts up to 30 days. Make sure there is about two fingers' width of space between the collar and the cat's neck to ensure a comfortable fit. Any protruding length behind the collar fastener should simply be cut off.

The Canosept Home Comfort collar can be worn permanently and does not need to be removed. After the end of the application period, a new Canosept Calming Collar can be put on if stress-related symptoms occur again. A safety mechanism allows the collar to release automatically in the event of greater resistance.