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Home Comfort Calming Medallions for Dogs (2 pcs)

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Besides quiet cuddles and regular walks, your dog's life also has many exciting and sometimes stressful days. Your dog's stress perception is as individual as he is - noise and unfamiliar smells, but also the necessary visit to the vet or the annual fireworks display can stress him immensely and lead to great discomfort and even behavioural disorders.

The Canosept Home Comfort line can provide a gentle remedy. Studies have shown that the natural extracts of lavender and valerian calm and relax your dog. In a clinical study, it was found that the special concentration of herbal ingredients leads to calming and reduction of stress signs in dogs after just a few days.


  • Content: 2 x Calming Medallions
  • Easy to use and comfortable solution to calm dogs
  • Herbal ingredients from valerian and lavender create a relaxed feel-good atmosphere for dogs
  • Natural effect to reduce stress and anxiety


Remove the Canosept Home Comfort medallion from its packaging and pull your dog's collar directly through the tab provided on the medallion. Now put on your dog's collar with the Canosept Home Comfort Calming Medaillon as usual.
The medallion must rest on the inside of the collar and thus be in direct contact with your dog. The effect of a medallion starts immediately after opening the pouch and lasts up to 15 days.

Make sure there is about two fingers' width of space between the medallion and the dog's neck to ensure a comfortable fit. The Canosept Home Comfort medallion can be worn permanently and does not need to be removed even when bathing the dog. At the end of the application period, a new "Canosept Calming Medaillon" can be put on if stress-related symptoms reoccur.

It is recommended to use the Calming Medaillon in combination with the Canosept Home Comfort spray and the Calming collar to increase the well-being in the home environment.