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Home Comfort Calming Room Diffuser (45ml)

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The Felisept Vaporiser is the practical, natural solution for calming your cat.

Cats, just like humans, can be exposed to situations that cause stress. Stress is a normal bodily reaction, but - if these situations last too long or are too intense - can lead to discomfort and complaints, including behavioural disorders, neuroses and depression. Stress triggers in cats are often social and territorial.

Stress in cats in households often results from territorial conflicts or from living together with other residents of the household. For example, the classic territorial conflict in the household arises when another animal (cat, dog, etc.) is taken in or another person moves in. Another stress factor for the cat is a change in its familiar surroundings, for example, a change in the furnishings or new furniture, a move or settling into a new home. 

  • Content: 1 x vaporiser incl. bottle 45 ml
  • Contains soothing fragrances
  • With natural catnip
  • Scientifically confirmed
  • Recommended by veterinarians


The Felisept aroma diffuser is used in the home environment in the presence of humans and animals and is the practical solution to calm your cat.

Plugged into a socket, the diffuser disperses the natural extract of Nepeta Cataria in the environment. Sufficient for an area of approx. 50m². Remove the safety cap from the bottle and screw the bottle into the diffuser. Plug the diffuser into a socket and switch on. The diffuser is effective from approx. 1 hour after switching on and should be left on permanently to achieve the desired effect.

After the bottle is used up, remove the diffuser from the socket without removing the bottle. The Felisept bottle is only suitable for use in the Felisept Family Comfort vaporiser. Do not use with other devices.

The overall effectiveness of the ingredient Nepeta Cataria lasts up to 30 days. If stress-related symptoms reoccur, a Felisept Refill (45 ml) can be inserted into the diffuser. Follow the instructions for use!

t is recommended to use the Calming Spray in combination with the Felisept Home Comfort collar to increase the well-being in the home environment.