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Home Comfort Calming Spray for Dogs (100ml)

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Many dogs, like humans, are exposed to stressful situations. Stress is a normal reaction of the body, which is often triggered by external influences on the dog. If this situation lasts too long or is too intense then behavioural problems, neuroses and depression can occur. The triggers for stress in dogs are many. In general, any situation that the dog perceives as compulsion or fear can trigger stress (e.g. transport while traveling or to the vet, fireworks, thunderstorms, etc). The sensory organs can be exposed to overstimulation (from noise, extreme smells, etc). Changes to the familiar environment through moving or renovating, staying in animal boarding houses, or adding to the family counts as a stress factor. Stress, which is caused by social imbalances, occurs particularly frequently: Expectations and pressure to perform from the owner too high, hectic, anger and conflicts in the household or frequently being alone. But boredom and lack of irritation due to a lack of physical and mental activity also mean additional stress for many dogs.


  • Helps control and reduce undesirable behaviour of your dog in the home environment
  • Herbal ingredients such as valerian and lavender have a relaxing effect on the dog and help in a natural way to reduce stress and restlessness.
  • The calming effect increases with longer duration



The Canosept Home Comfort Calming Spray helps to control and reduce your dog's unwanted behaviour in the home environment and during transport (e.g. aggressive behaviour, uncleanliness, extreme barking and growling, scratching of furniture, etc.). The special concentration of herbal ingredients leads to calming and reduction of stress signs after only a few days.

Also ideal for transport to the vet or other trips and outings in the transport box. Spray the affected areas (dog basket, dog blanket, things that are chewed on preferentially) with the Canosept Home Comfort spray from a distance of about 10 cm.

The application should be repeated daily to achieve the desired effect permanently. When visiting the vet or travelling, every corner, the floor and the ceiling of the inside of the carrier should be sprayed.

It is recommended to use the Calming Spray in combination with the Canosept Home Comfort collar or medallion to increase the well-being in the home environment.