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Home Comfort Calming Spray for Cats (100ml)

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Cats can experience stress just like humans. Stress is a normal body reaction, but it can lead to persistent discomfort and discomfort, including behavioral disorders, neuroses or depression, if the triggering situations last too long or are too intense. Stress triggers in cats are often social and territorial. In the household, stress often results from territorial conflicts or from living together with other residents. For example, the admission of another animal (cat, dog, etc.) or the arrival of another person usually causes a territorial violation. Another possible stress factor is a change in the familiar environment, for example when changing the furnishings, with new furniture, when moving or when getting used to a new home.

The Felisept Home Comfort calming spray contains the naturally effective and calming extract of catnip (Nepeta Cataria). The active ingredient nepetalactone helps your cat to react more relaxed to stressful situations.

With Felisept Home Comfort calming spray you can effectively reduce typical stress-related behavior problems in your cat. Prevent prolonged scratching and biting and unwanted urine marks. But you can also noticeably curb fear, loss of appetite and aggressiveness with Felisept Home Comfort. It is best to use Felisept Home Comfort soothing spray daily and give your pet's surroundings a calming effect.


  • Soothing spray for cats
  • Purely natural active ingredient from catnip
  • Calm down on the go and at home
  • Can be used to relax territorial conflicts and frightening situations
  • Relieves stress-related symptoms such as aggressiveness, irritability, loss of appetite and the urge to have urinary marks
  • Can be used in the immediate vicinity of the cat: transport boxes, cat baskets and favorite places can be easily treated.
  • Scientifically proven effectiveness
  • Recommended by veterinarians



    The special concentration of herbal ingredients leads to calming and reduction of stress signs after only a few days.

    Also ideal for transport to the vet or other trips and outings in the transport box. Spray the affected areas (cat basket, blanket, etc) with the Canosept Home Comfort spray from a distance of about 10 cm.

    The application should be repeated daily to achieve the desired effect permanently. When visiting the vet or travelling, every corner, the floor and the ceiling of the inside of the carrier should be sprayed.

    It is recommended to use the Calming Spray in combination with the Canosept Home Comfort collar or medallion to increase the well-being in the home environment.