Kibble Kaddie™ - Portable Pet Food Carrier

by Ruffwear
CHF 48.90

The Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie™ is a travel-friendly dog or cat food storage system. The compact, convenient design allows for easy transport, storage and dispensing of kibble. The top-loading, roll-down closure secures contents and reduces volume of the bag as food is consumed. Kibble is dispensed through the side-mounted food chute. External stash pocket fits collapsible bowls and other adventure essentials. Capacity: 10L (42 cups)


 Key Features

    • Compact, convenient kibble storage, holds up to 10L (42 cups)
    • Kibble dispenses through food chute with magnetic closure
    • Roll-down top closure is secure and allows for adjustable volume
    • Built from food grade, grease-resistant fabric
    • Stash pocket stretches to accommodate the essentials



            • Height: 40 cm
            • Width: 24 cm
            • Depth: 20 cm
            • Volume 10 L


            Washing Instructions

            • Hand wash
            • Dish soap
            • Air dry



            Sizing Guide:

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