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Nullodor Silica Cat Litter (1.5 kg)

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Nullodor Natural Cat Litter. Pure silica gel and water combine to form Nullodor Natural Cat Litter which quickly absorbs liquid and traps odours safely and effectively.

Each silica crystal has an absorption rate of 150%, ensuring liquid is quickly soaked up and odours are totally trapped within the gel's centre. The result is a dry litter tray and absolutely no nasty cat urine litter tray odour.

Nullodor Natural Cat Litter does not stick to your cat's paws and is totally non toxic.

For optimum results, Nullodor Natural Cat Litter should be placed into your cat's litter tray to a minimum depth of 3cm. Solid waste should always be removed and disposed of carefully. For best results, use of a scoop will ensure less waste of the silica gel crystals. The litter should be mixed daily to prevent a single saturation point. As a guide, 1.5kg of this highly effective cat litter will last a single cat up to a month. After this time the litter should be disposed of and the cat litter tray refilled.

  • Highly effective natural cat litter
  • Totally locks in urine odours
  • Non toxic and eco friendly

Available Sizes: 1.5kg