Puller - Dog Fitness Toy

by Collar
CHF 14.90

The basic characteristics of Puller and unique material from which it’s made is the key to success of Puller among the owners and their pets and is guaranteed to be liked by dogs which is important for training.

A special set of two purple Puller rings and a set of exercises with it will provide daily interactive training for dogs and some of the the necessary physical activities. Just a few exercises for 20 minutes will give the dog the training and activities of 5 miles of running!


  • Puller is made with high-purity polymer. It is LIGHT WEIGHT and therefore allows small dogs and children to use it as well
  • FLOATING, the material allows the projectile to float. 
  • ODOURLESS, has no smell and is non-toxic.
  • DOESN'T INJURE  the dog's teeth and gums. The uniqueness of the material allows teeth to sink in the material. The shape and properties of Puller persist for a long time.


Note: Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery of this item.

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