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Simple Solution Chew Stopper (500 ml)

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Aid your dogs the correct and safe way with the Simple Solution Chew Stopper! A safe and effective way to prevent your pets from biting and chewing. This pet essential has a pleasant smelling but foul tasting formula that can be applied to any surface that needs protecting. Its bitter taste discourages dogs to chew, bite, and lick surfaces. It can also be used to protect skin with hot spots or bandages and stitches. It is designed with a handy trigger action spray making it easy to use and without causing damage to the object that is sprayed.

Safe to be applied to furniture, clothing, rugs, walls and even your pet, the non-stinging and alcohol-free formula is completely harmless, but will discourage chewing, biting, licking and scratching.

Purified Water, Grapeseed Extract, Lemon Extract, Lavender Oil


  • Pleasant smelling but foul tasting formula.
  • Prevents damage to furniture.
  • Safe on pets and furniture.
  • Handy trigger spray.
  • Discourages chewing and licking at skin.

You should apply the spray liberally to areas affected and repeat apply as necessary. We recommend that you test on a small surface area first for colourfastness. It is safe to use on pets and furniture.