The Cat Bed (Grey)

by Meyou
CHF 349.00

The Cat Bed can be used as a vintage point for your pet, or a welcoming spot for its daily naps. This bed is elevated 30cm above the ground, allowing your cat to better observe its environment while enjoying its favourite pass time… sleeping next to you. Made of high-quality and elegant materials: solid beech, 100% wool felt and comfortable bedding. This amazing product will please both your cat and you!


  • Made with solid beech wood and 100% pure wool felt
  • Combining comfort and design
  • Purrrfect place for a peaceful rest
  • Made by hand in France



Bed canopy: Light Grey
Cushion 1: Grey
Cushion 2: Camel



Bed canopy: 100% pure wool felt
Base: Solid beech wood


Bed: L 50cm x W 44cm x H 64m


Felt cover: Hand wash cold
Removable cushion cover: Machine wash the removable cushion in warm water on a delicate cycle.


Note: This is a Made to Order item so please allow 7 working days for delivery.

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