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Easy Brush Toothbrush for Pets

CHF 5.90

The Easy Brush toothbrush for pets is optimally suited for effective and thorough tooth cleaning. 

The ergonomic shape with the rubberized handle fits well in the hand and allows targeted removal of plaque. The graded bristle system simplifies the efficient cleaning of the dental furrows and interdental spaces. The different size brush heads allow the application in both small and large dogs.

Application: First apply a little toothpaste to the brush head, then carefully raise the lids and especially clean the jaws and canines on both sides for 1-2 minutes with even circular movements. The outer surfaces of the upper molars and canines are most affected by dental plaque and tartar and should therefore be cleaned regularly. 

Tip: Accustom your dog gently, patiently and playfully to the daily application. It's best to start with it at puppy age. Praise him during each application and reward him afterwards..