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HappyPaws is the ultimate design & lifestyle website for the modern pet lover. The designer pet store curates the very best contemporary accessories & homewares for hip hounds & cool cats including dog collars & leads, toys, stylish dog coats & sweaters, modern dog beds, botanical wash for healthy coats, leather cat collars, luxury cat beds, chic pet carriers & elegant food & water bowls.  Stylish & affordable pet products sourced from all over the world,  hand selected by our in-house pet experts for our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. HappyPaws also offers a handpicked range of 100% natural, wholesome and nutritionally superior dog & cat food made with healthy ingredients of the highest quality. The ranges contain only human grade meats, fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, botanical herbs & essential vitamins & minerals. From organic to hypoallergenic, there’s delicious & nutritious canine cuisine & feline feasts for every...

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Paws for Thought

18 August 2017
Dogs love to greet their dog friends by jumping on one another. It’s a way for them to show affection. Read more
01 May 2017

If you are ever lost in the Swiss Alps and a Tuxedo cat offers to show you the way, don’t hesitate to follow him.

Read more
30 March 2017
These fluffy-looking caterpillar-like larvae (sometimes referred to as Pine Caterpillar and Thaumetopoea pityocampa larvae in Latin) arouse the dog's curiosity. The dog wants to play with them so it hits them playfully with it's paw. Read more
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