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Bamboostick® Ear Cotton Buds

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Size: L/XL

BambooStick® is a cotton bud specially designed for the healthcare of dogs’ ears. It is currently the most effective solution for curative and preventive care of the dog's ear. BambooStick® is ultra absorbent, easy to use, efficient and safe for your dog’s eardrum. The cotton head is made out of 100% medical grade cotton wool and the stick is made out of 100% bamboo.

Thanks to its unique shape, Bamboostick® is 12 times more absorbent than a standard “human” cotton bud. Bamboostick® allows a quick and complete cleaning of secretions and the dirt matted on the pinna and the auditory canal.

  • An unequaled capacity for absorption
  • A perfectly safe ear cleaning
  • An appreciable time-saving
  • A special ergonomic design
  • An incomparable softness


Available in 2 sizes : S/M for little dogs and L/XL for medium and large dogs.
Contains 30 sticks.