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Canosept Dental Care Finger Pads for Dogs (50 pcs)

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Your dog's mouth and teeth require special care. Food, toys and the odd treat leave traces that should be removed regularly. Used daily, Canosept Dental Care Finger Pads ensures effective cleaning of the dog's teeth and thus good oral hygiene. The effective formula reduces the formation of plaque and promotes fresh breath. The specially developed finger pad is ready for immediate use and therefore particularly practical for on the go. Intuitively follow the shape of the teeth with your finger and adapt to your dog's movement.

The practical dispenser box contains 50 Finger-Pads, which should be used within 3 months after opening, tightly closed. 
  • Easy cleaning for the dog's teeth
  • Directly applicable and practical for on the go
  • Reduces plaque and ensures fresh breath


Get the dog used to the smell and texture of the finger pad. Rub gently over teeth and gums in circular motions. Repeat the application with a new pad if necessary.

Clean the dog's teeth daily for best results. In addition, a regular visit to the vet is recommended.