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Car Travelmat® City Protector

by My Pado
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CHF 119.90
CHF 119.90 - CHF 184.90
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Size: 90 x 70 cm
Color: Red
Material: Default

You only want the best for your dog AND your car? We understand that and are proud to be able to offer you our successful innovation TRAVELMAT®. Driving with a dog has never been more comfortable and gentle on your four-legged and two-wheeled friends. And your vehicle interior has never looked so good!

This is a made to order item so is non-refundable/non-exchangeable and takes approximately 15 working days for delivery.

Travelmat City car dog bed
In the car after a rainy walk in the forest? Sharp curves or abrupt braking? Scratches on the bumper and dog hair everywhere? Everyone knows the ins and outs of the relationship between your four-legged friend and your vehicle: it's complicated. Everything is different now with Travelmat!

Travelmat is made of an extremely dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean synthetic leather upper. The firmly padded Travelmat lying surface is soft and cuddly for the greatest possible comfort.


The highlight of the whole thing, however, is the attached quilted tarpaulin, which is about 60 centimeters long. It is a boarding aid for your dog and bumper scratch protection for your vehicle at the same time. Dirt and dog hair end up on the Travelmat and not in your car. This makes the dog in the car comfortable and safe – for everyone involved!

Travelmat is available as standard in six different colours - black, grey, brown, red, white and cream - and in different sizes from 90x70 cm to 110x90 cm. If none of the standard sizes and colors are suitable, we will be happy to produce your Travelmat City to measure and in the color of your choice. Simply use our product configurator. Travelmat fits almost every breed of dog, vehicle size and interior design.


Travelmat City car dog bed


Travelmat City car dog bed





  • leatherette
  • Water-repellent and dirt-resistant
  • optimal hold
  • ultralight
  • long tarp
  • Supportive and stable lying surface, suitable for light and heavy four-legged friends
  • easy cleaning with a damp wipe
  • Lying area selectable
  • Also available in custom sizes and colours



Everything at a glance



  • Upper cover: 100% PU synthetic leather, underbody: 100% polyacrylic
  • Leather look due to slight graining
  • Particularly abrasion and abrasion resistant
  • Water-repellent and dirt-resistant



  • Inner cushion: standard filling made of cold foam (5 cm thick)
  • All filling materials are made in Germany




  • Quick and easy cleaning with a damp cloth - even with heavy soiling!




  • Supporting and stable lying surface, suitable for light and heavy four-legged friends
  • Long tarpaulin for easier entry and as scratch and dirt protection for the rear of the vehicle and trunk
  • Lying surface freely selectable


Two variants: convenient and more convenient

  • For the filling of the lying surface, you have the choice between the standard filling made of cold foam or a filling made of visco-elastic foam for an orthopedic lying surface. 
Viscoelastic foam technology:


  • Visco foam forms no active back pressure. The visco foam is welded to a cold foam mattress so that the important supporting force for the body is created. The core of the lying surface consists of 2 cm thick foam (RG30) and 3 cm thick visco-elastic foam (RG50). 

visco foam



Viscoelastic foam - advantages:


  • When the body sinks in, the visco foam adapts individually and relieves the pressure points to a minimum
  • More comfort through precise relief of pressure-sensitive parts of the body
  • Pain relief through precise pressure relief
  • Prevention of arthrosis, diseases of the joints or rheumatism
  • Recommended after operations, very suitable for older or overweight dogs


Size table (in cm) 

  • External dimensions 90x70x5x60 (WxDxHxP)
    Race: not specified, by type of vehicle
  • External dimensions 100x80x5x60 (WxDxHxP)
    Race: not specified, by type of vehicle
  • External dimensions 110x90x5x60 (WxDxHxP)
    Race: not specified, by type of vehicle



travelmat city dimensions