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Charlie's Buckle-Up Easy Dog Harness

Original price CHF 44.90 - Original price CHF 49.90
Original price
CHF 44.90
CHF 44.90 - CHF 49.90
Current price CHF 44.90
Color: Yellow
Size: S

Buckle-Up Easy Harness - the lightest harness for your dog.

Even lighter and easier to put on and take off!

The Buckle-Up Easy Harness dog harness has a light and simple belt pull and has a simple design pattern. Due to the precisely designed, efficient design and its shape, the dog does not experience any friction on the chest or armpits. The air foam fabric with a thick cushion has excellent ventilation, making it comfortable for your darling to wear. The one-touch buckle lock makes it easier to put the leash on, put it on and take it off, and the finely crafted two D-rings are firmly attached to the harness.


Size table of the Buckle-Up Easy Harness dog harness

Chest size dog

Advantages & characteristics of the Buckle-Up Easy Harness dog harness:

No rubbing of the armpits.

The Buckle-Up Easy Harness is very easy to wear and there is no rubbing in the armpit.

Buckle Up Easy Harness - No rubbing in the armpits

Easy to put on and take off with a buckle.

Easy to carry and remove with a single buckle.
Buckle Up Easy Harness Yellow

Logo engraved D-ring.

The D-rings are light, but sturdy and more firmly attached to the leash.
Buckle Up Easy Harness Closure

Breathable air mesh lining.

The high-density air grille with good ventilation and cushioning makes it more comfortable to wear.
Buckle Up Easy Harness Air-Mesh lining

Using the Buckle-Up Easy Harness dog harness

The Buckle-Up Easy Harness dog harness does not differentiate between left and right and can accordingly be worn in both directions.

Buckle Up Easy Harness Use


Are you already using the Easy Harness and would like to buy a Buckle-Up Easy Harness as well?

  • If you tighten the belt relatively hard when using the Easy Harness, we recommend using sizes S, M or L.
  • If you use the belt pull when using the Easy Harness (e.g. for an extension of approx. 5 cm or more) and do not tighten it in the lower third, then we recommend using the intermediate sizes SM, ML or XL. The size of the harness is one size larger than that of the Easy Harness. .


  • The size of the Buckle-Up Easy Harness cannot be changed. So be sure to measure the size of your dog's chest before buying.
  • The appropriate size can vary depending on the dog's body type and hair length.
  • The dimensions may have errors depending on the measurement method.
  • After use, keep the product out of the reach of pets.
  • Use a neutral detergent when washing, e.g. hand soap, or place them individually in the laundry net to wash it gently.