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Charlie's Field-X Dog Harness

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Size: S
Color: Yellow

The Field-X Harness is characterised by its concise design and ease of use.

You can put the harness on your dog without raising his legs. Thanks to its efficient design, this dog harness can be used without touching the armpits and makes your dog's outdoor activities more comfortable.The structure and design of the Field X-Harness from Charlie's Backyard are patented.

Patent no. 30-0909660

Size table of the Field-X Harness dog harness

Chest size dog

Using the Field-X Harness dog harness

Field-X Harness usage
  1. Stretch the neck strap of the Field-X Harness and hang it on your dog's neck.
  2. Leave enough space to adjust the harness comfortably to your dog's neck and pull on the tensioned belt.
  3. After placing the buckle around the chest, adjust the stoppers on either side of the back so that they are close to the center X intersection.


  • The stopper is used to prevent movement on the side.
  • Adjusting the position of the label, stopper and buckle as shown above is the most comfortable and correct way to wear the dog harness.


  • Weight and race examples are for reference only. Please select the appropriate size based on the breast size.
  • The appropriate size can vary depending on the dog's body type and hair length.
  • The dimensions may have errors depending on the measurement method.
  • After use, keep the product out of the reach of pets.
  • Use a neutral detergent when washing, e.g. hand soap, or place them individually in the laundry net to wash it gently.
  • Before use, push the buckle all the way through to tighten.
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