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Clicker Dog Training Tool

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Training with the Freezack finger clicker is ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages. You can use it to build up and consolidate the basic training or you can teach the dog new tricks. Misconduct can also be corrected with the clicker. With the clicker you have the opportunity to confirm to your dog very precisely that his behavior is correct. In addition, the click sound is always exactly the same. This way the dog learns faster and our current mood has no influence on the training.


What Is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is the same as positive reinforcement training, with the added benefit of a clicker. A clicker is simply a small mechanical noisemaker. The techniques are based on the science of animal learning, which says that behaviors that are rewarded are more likely to be repeated in the future. So rather than focusing on what your dog is doing wrong, and taking good behavior for granted, clicker training flips the script and concentrates on what your dog is doing right. By telling your dog what to do, instead of what not to do, you can have an incredible effect on how your dog chooses to behave.

  • Ideal accessory for training.
  • Quick and easy new learning training techniques.
  • The sound of the clicker allows a desired behavior and thus establish a link between the master and the dog.