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Click-it Sport Dog Safety Harness (Jet Black)

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Three points of attachment for safety.

Clickit Utility is the first dog safety harness to incorporate three-points of attachment to absorb force in a frontal collision by dissipating energy and keep the dog in the car seat during an impact (patents pending). Clickit Utility can also be used in the cargo area and includes a d-ring on the back of the vest so it can be used as a walking harness.

Clickit Utility is similar in concept to the three-point seatbelt federally required in all vehicles. Straps enclosed in Clickit Utility's broad, padded vest hug the upper torso of a dog to absorb forward movement, while belts anchor the lower torso and reduce forward and lateral movement. The three-point design that secures the dog in its space diminishes the opportunity for collision with parts of the vehicle and passengers, and reduces the chance for traumatic injuries that can be associated with one-point dog safety harness designs that can catapult a dog's upper or lower torso forward into front seats, passengers and windows.

Available in Jet Black and Strawberry Red.

Important Information.

  • Clickit Utility must have both side straps attached to restrain a pet in an accident!
  • Clickit Utility side straps must be installed with the hooks facing away from your dog!, see image below.
  • Clickit Utility cannot be used in the front seat!
  • Clickit Utility been crash tested up to 34kg.


Sizes range from 75—150cm, see SIZING for measuring instructions. If your pet measures less than 75cm you should use a crash tested pet carrier.

Testing has shown that car carriers are far safer for smaller pets. Sleepypods car carriers include the Air, Sleepypod and Atom.


Start at the shoulder blades, wrap a string or measuring tape under your dog's arms and around the chest. Cross over where you started and continue around your dog's neck to create a figure 8. Mark and measure the length then look up the size on the chart.

Large 135—152cm
Medium 114—132cm
Small 94—112cm
Extra Small 79—91cm

**If your dog is in between sizes, choose the smaller size.**
For example, a dog that is 115cm is a Medium.