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Brush for Dogs with Short, Thick, Wiry Hair or Long silky Hair

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The innovative Pet+Me® brush is the ultimate tool to clean, groom and massage your dog. The brushes are made of soft 100% pure silicone and feature a two-sided design for maximum use. The shorter knobs are effective in gently removing loose hair, sebum and dandruff, and promoting a healthy coat. The longer knobs reach deep to massage and stimulate skin, muscle and joints. The magnetic effect of silicon makes it a great lint remover for clothes and furniture. The brush can be cleaned in a washing machine or rinsed clean under running water. It does not matter if it’s a dog or a cat. With long or short hair, the pet+me® brush will pamper and comfort your furry friend in several ways. This cleaning and massaging dog brush will deliver a balanced combination of efficiency and comfort.

This Yellow Brush is suitable for:

Dogs with short hair
Dogs with short thick hair
Dogs with short wiry coats
Dogs with long silky hair and a soft undercoat


  • Soft and gentle even to the most sensitive skin, and are most effective in removing loose hair, sebum and dandruff.
  • Made of 100% pure medical-grade silicone, safe for both human and animal.
  • Designed and developed in Switzerland, manufactured in the USA.
  • Can be washed in the washing machine, dishwasher or rinsed under running water.


Special use for dogs

  1. Dogs have sebaceous glands at the hair roots. When the upper layer of excess sebum dries and hardens it forms unpleasant smelly scales.
  2. The pet+me® silicone brush may be used with firm pressure without hurting or being uncomfortable to the animal. The brush is able to reach and loosen the encrusted sebum. Sebum often produces an irritating itch causing dogs to scratch.
  3. By applying gentle pressure the loosened sebum will cling to the silicone brush. Your four legged friend will love the extra attention given with this massage. It relaxes tensions. The metabolism gets stimulated and this creates a comforting feeling in your dog.
  4. Once the smelly irritating sebum is removed; the skin can breathe. Leaving the coat clean and shiny.


Removal of hair and dust on upholstery and clothing

The pet+me® brush is the perfect lint brush! It acts like a magnet with a static cling effect. It may be used dry or wet. Using the fine side with pressure applied, even the finest of hair, dust and allergens can be wiped away. Use it on upholstery, carpets, clothing and car seats. Routine brushing of the animal, about twice a week, can help in reducing otherwise airborne dust and allergens.


Easy to clean

Rinse the brush under running hot or cold water. For a thorough cleaning (embedded dust and sebum) place in the dishwasher or washing machine. The brush will be like new and carries a 5 year material guarantee.