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Doggy Brush Detangling Comb

by Pet Joy
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Dog care with sustainable products which keep the dog's coat shiny and the skin healthy. The Doggy Brush is a range of durable brushes, combs and nail clippers for dogs, cats and other animals with fur, made from bamboo. The Doggy Brush products are sturdy, handy, durable and easy to clean.

Handy detangling comb made of bamboo. The DoggyBrush detangling comb removes tangles in the coat of medium and long hair dogs causing minimal loss of coat length. Combing your dog's coat is important to help keep the skin and coat healthy.

Care Instructions: For severe tangles, try not to pull too hard, but let the blade gently cut through the tangles. Start at the paws and work your way up. Always groom the coat in the direction of hair growth.