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EcoMinor Grey Cat Toilet(56x39x27.5cm)

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CHF 34.90
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A litter box that is optimally matched to the Chatnelle hygienic litter. The proven litter box system is now exclusively available from us in Switzerland. Extensive practical tests have shown that the maximum (best possible) effect of the Chatnelle litter is achieved in combination with this raised floor system.

The clever double floor system – this is how it works

  • Fill the upper pan with Chatnelle litter (about 2 cm) to the level indicator.
  • Place a handful of Chatnelle toilet bedding in the lower pan to allow moisture to be absorbed on first use.
  • 90 percent of cat urine passes through the grate into the lower pan.
  • The remaining urine will turn the Chatnelle litter into sawdust.
  • The dirty sawdust falls from the upper trough through the grille into the lower trough due to the scratching of the cat.
  • Shake the Chatnelle box or use the scoop to ensure all the soiled litter falls through the grate into the lower pan.
  • Only the sawdust in the lower pan needs to be disposed of.
  • A pleasant scent of wood remains.

Size:  56x39x27.5cm