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In-fluence Anti-Plaque Finger Toothbrush

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Thanks to its high-quality microfiber fabric, the innovative ANTI-PLAQUE finger toothbrush is ideally suited for gentle and thorough plaque removal. It effectively cleans and polishes tooth surfaces and prevents the formation of new plaque and tartar. The patented, antibacterial microfiber prevents the growth of germs thanks to the silver ions it contains and thus remains hygienically clean.

Application: Ideally, use the finger cot with IN-FLUENCE's DENTAL CREAM SENSITIVE. Put the finger cot over your index finger, secure it with the loop on the middle finger and apply some toothpaste to the fingertip. Gently lift the lips and clean especially the molars and canines, outside and inside, for 1–2 minutes with gentle pressure. Clean the finger cot with warm water after use. If it is heavily soiled, wash it in the machine at 60 °.

Replace every 6 weeks if used daily. Treated microfibre, contains the biocidal agent Silver sodium zirconium hydrogen phosphate to protect against bacteria.