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Perlinette Cat Litter (1.8kg/4L)

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Developed by veterinarians, Perlinette litter is a silica-based litter in the form of very fine granules allowing maximum absorption of liquids.

  • Comfortable , it does not stick to the paws and therefore keeps your cat's litter box clean.
  • Very absorbent , it retains both odors and liquids (absorption rate = 150%)
  • Practical , its powdery form of very fine microgranules allows easy use of the litter scoop.
  • Inhibits bacteria : thanks to its absorbent action, Perlinette litter stays dry. Deprived of water, bacteria no longer multiply. You have a healthy litter.

A really efficient litter from all points of view for the hygiene and cleanliness of your cat's litter box.

1 bag = 1 cat = 1 month.