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Pet Hair Lint Roller

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Fluff, pet-hair and dust are part of everyday life, but they can make your clothes, furniture or car look dirty or unkempt. Freezack Lint Roller has been developed with "sticky technology to quickly lift lint, fluff, pet-hair, dust and other dry residue from car seats, upholstery and your clothes - without damaging the fabric underneath.

Hold the lint roller by the ergonomically-designed handle and pass the roll across the fabric you wish to clean. When the top-sheet is covered with fluff and appears to have reduced stickiness, tear it off at the perforation to reveal a new sticky sheet beneath. Save the label to wrap around the outside of your lint roller and you'll stop it from sticking to everything else in your drawer or picking up dirt when you're not using it. A must-have for pet owners, they are also great to keep handy in the car, in your desk or by the front door for a quick spruce up of your clothing before you leave. Keep a few in strategic places around the house - for example where pets like to sleep, or in your wardrobe or cloakroom for a quick touch-up of coats or bags.

This item is a lint roller with a comfortably-designed handle and a roll of 70 perforated sticky sheets. It offers superior adhesion and is quick and easy to use. 


  • Lint roller with 70 perforated sheets
  • Sticky sheets for superior adhesion
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed handle
  • Perfect for use on furniture, upholstery, car seats and clothes
  • Refills also available


Recommended Usage: For use on furniture, upholstery, car seats and clothes