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Play Mat Cat Blanket

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CHF 24.90
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With the Freezack play mat you can challenge your cat both physically and mentally. This is very important, especially for indoor cats, but also for cats which cannot go outside due to illness. Slowly get your cat used to the ceiling. As a first step, you should spread some tidbits on the blanket and let your cat eat them. As soon as your cat reacts happily when you prepare the blanket, you can start to distribute the treats into the holes - but still visible. After a while, you can spread the treats all over the blanket. The smell of the treats and the rustling of the foil inside the blanket will arouse your cat's interest. Instead of hiding tidbits you can also open the blanket and move a cat rod back and forth inside the blanket to play with your cat.

Hand washable at 30 ° C.

Size: 69 x 49cm