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Canosept Eye Care Pads for Dogs (100 pcs)

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Your dog's sensitive eye area should be cleaned and cared for gently. With the Canosept Eye Care pads you can reliably remove dirt, dust and tear stains and prevent unsightly discolouration of the fur around the eyes. Especially with light-coloured or long coats, tear stains quickly become noticeable and can be minimised with the Canosept Eye Care pads and the formation of new ones prevented. The gentle effect of the aloe vera extract also cares for the skin and coat around the eye. The practical dispenser box contains 100 eye care pads. Tightly closed after use, they should be used within three months.
Canosept Eye Care and Tear Remover is recommended as a supplement.


Gently wipe the area below the dog's eye by always moving the eye care pad away from the dog's lower eyelid across the face.

Repeat this process with a new, clean pad if necessary. Use as needed to keep the fur around the eyes clean. Use the product externally only.